VR Training

Increase your employee engagement and loyalty

The need

Every new employee needs to be well prepared and trained for the job. And it’s not just a job at McDonald’s. Experienced managers pass on their knowledge and skills to their new colleagues, who also take care of the smooth running of the restaurant, among other things.

McDonald’s employs a total of 6,500 employees in the Czech Republic alone and maintains a fluctuation rate of 20%. This is great, but in practice it means that you have to train 1,300 new employees every year. Every year! The most important training process called Initial Orientation, which takes place on the first day, lasts 8 hours using the traditional personal method. And McDonald’s was looking for solution how to this in a different, easier way.

Our solution

To understand the client’s needs, we had to go through training in the restaurant ourselves. Only in this way were we able to fully and unquestionably transfer traditional personal training into the virtual reality environment. We created a 3D model of a real McDonald’s restaurant in Prague in photorealistic visual quality, which is almost indistinguishable from the real one. This virtual restaurant then became the basis of the Initial Orientation training lesson.

To increase user engagement, we used a number of gamified interactive parts in the VR application. Thanks to them, users become active participants in the training process and not only their passive observers. With the help of analytical behavioral tools, we are then able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and evaluate this valuable data and display them in the MyMcD employee portal.

client says
about this project

Thanks to an innovative way of training, the first of its kind in McDonald’s global framework, we have become an inspiration for our colleagues from abroad. In addition, we want to continue the development of the VR in the future. We see many other ways to use this technology to provide our employees with a modern and attractive form of training.

In the Introductory Orientation program, the employee can go through the virtual environment of our restaurant, which corresponds 1: 1 to the real one, repeatedly, return arbitrarily to the individual sections and study everything on his own and in peace. Thanks to this, the training time of the employee is shortened, from which he is able to perform his work independently.


Libor Pyskaty, Learning & Development Manager – McDonald’s

The result

99 %
Satisfied employees
80 %
Shorter training
$ 185 K
Annual cost savings

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