Hyper Reality Application

New generation consumer communication using all senses.

The need

Creating a strong bond with the brand is a long-term and hard work. In addition, when you are one of the largest and most valuable brands in the world, the effort to bring something new and unique to your customers is even greater. McDonald’s has linked this need to its long-term external communication on the origin and quality of its raw materials.

For McDonald’s, understanding this information is key to their business. As part of the qualitative roadshow Na rovinu tour, the company was looking for something that would literally take the breath away from the visitors of this family event. Something that will help its customers understand that they only work with quality raw materials from certified suppliers and at the same time create a personal experience they will never forget.

Our solution

We gladly accepted this challenge. We were the first in the world to use location-based hyper reality technology for commercial external communication. We literally transferred the truck visitors to the Maleč farm in the Czech Vysočina region and to the beef processing plant in Ostroda, Poland.

Thanks to special VR-ready backpacks and positional trackers, users were able to move freely in the game space and interact with the prepared static installation. In addition, it sat with a virtual environment for a millimeter. Users literally felt as if they were really there. In addition, besides to sight and hearing, which was provided by VR headsets, we also focused on touch and, thanks to special aroma dispensers, also on smell. The experience was brought to the full maximum and visitors left the truck with their mouths open.

client says
about this project

Thanks to the hyperreality application, which was part of Narovinu tour, we were able to present to the general public a technological novelty that no one in the world has done before. The quality of communication and the results of the campaign more than met our expectations.


Adam Rapak, PR/Communication specialist – McDonald’s

The result

98 %
KPIs understanding
Roadshow stops in CZ&SK
+ 18 K
Visitors in 2019

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