Food quality

Only the one who knows and trusts his products is a good salesman

The need

You know the basic rule: For a salesperson to be successful, he must trust his product. The one who does not trust the product will not sell anything. As part of a long-term communication campaign, McDonald’s needed to tell both the public and especially its employees that the products and ingredients used in McDonald’s restaurants are truly high quality and that there is a strong story behind each ingredient.

It is the employees who are in daily contact with customers and should become McDonald’s ambassadors in spreading this awareness. However, it is literally impossible to transport all its employees to all its suppliers all around Europe. That’s why the company is looking for a way to turn this around. Do not take employees to suppliers, but bring the supplier to employees in the restaurant.

Our solution

Video is better than 1000 pictures. And virtual reality is better than 1000 videos. However, the video itself can be misleading, because in the traditional way you can only show what you want the viewer to see. For this reason, we have suggested to McDonald’s that we process the entire process of processing key raw materials unquestionably – in 360 ° video.

To ensure high user engagement, we have added gamified modules with interactive elements to the VR experience. The employees thus became part of the story and understood the information conveyed much better. In addition, we will verify the acquisition of knowledge at the end of each lesson with a final quiz. The data is sent to the server and the managers at the service center always have an up-to-date overview of the training performance of their employees in real time.

client says
about this project

Thanks to the virtual reality application developed by PBRDigital, we were able to literally bring all our employees in person to what it looks like at our key suppliers. Mainly thanks to this, we have achieved 98% understanding of the communicated information about the origin and quality of our raw materials and products. Despite the financial savings of CZK 40 million per year, compared to if we really had to take all employees to suppliers..


Adam Rapak, PR/Communication Specialist – McDonald’s

The result

98 %
KPIs understanding
80 %
Increased engagement
$ 1.8 M
Annual cost savings

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