Initial orientation

Integrate your employees faster with less effort. Safe from their homes.

The need

KPMG is a worldwide network of consulting companies providing audit, accounting and tax consulting services. The company has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1990, when the first office was opened in Prague. In 2018, this Prague branch of an international company, which employs a total of 189,000 people worldwide, renovated its headquarters in the Florenc Office Center building.

As part of the digitization of their HR processes, KPMG used the WeBoard VR Training Ecosystem, which, thanks to virtual reality technology, helps with faster integration of employees into companies, thus shortening the onboarding process and thus saving significant, especially personnel, costs for these HR activities.

Our solution

As part of the online onboarding application, which is based on panoramic photographs of office interiors, we decided to create an extension in the form of true virtual reality using our unique combination of immersive technologies.

The company’s requirement was to create a photorealistic 3D model of the offices, which served as the basis for a gamified VR application that the company plans to use for hiring new employees. To create a 3D model, we used our AIO2VR platform, which helped us to achieve maximum visual quality, which is almost indistinguishable from real photographs.

client says
about this project

Thanks to the VR application from PBRDigital, we have taken recruitment and employer branding to a whole new level. The aim was to show that working in KFC is also fun and we succeeded.

Experience of our events were unique and eye-catching, the idea is very innovative so we managed a unique campaign for it. Everyone was happy to trying to reach the highest points of the VR game.


Sven Flebbe – KFC AmRest DE
Bianka Tóth – KFC AmRest HU

The result

60 %
Faster employee integration
45 %
Increased information retention
100 %
More confident employees

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