Bucket on the road

Recruitment roadshow all over Europe that you never forget

The need

The KFC network of fast food restaurants ranks fourth worldwide. On the Czech market, however, its Polish operator – the company AmRest – took second place. Given the record low unemployment rate not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other European countries, the company decided to attract its new potential colleagues with something unconventional.

The company was looking for a unique solution that would present KFC as a great place for rapid career growth, with a friendly and fun work environment and attract especially the younger generation. At the same time, it was looking for a solution that would be mobile, making it possible to travel with it to several major cities in Europe and thus strengthen employment and employer brand in the regions that needed it most.

Our solution

For KFC, we created a gamified virtual reality application, completely in the design of this world-famous brand. However, even the best VR application would be useless without users trying it out. So we were looking for a way to get the attention of passers-by miles away. And there is perhaps no better object associated with the brand, such as a traditional bucket full of crispy and tasty wings. So we made a huge inflatable bucket, which always became the dominant feature of the place we came with.

It worked wonderfully. In front of the bucket, queues of people began to form, who wanted to try the uniquely unique VR application. The aim of the game was to collect as many points as possible, for which the visitors of the roadshow received well-deserved rewards. In addition, the players competed for who was the best. This interest was then used by the client’s present personnel, who filled out a form with the waiting people and invited them for a personal tour of the restaurant. The results were incredible!

client says
about this project

Thanks to the VR application from PBRDigital, we have taken recruitment and employer branding to a whole new level. The aim was to show that working in KFC is also fun and we succeeded.

Experience of our events were unique and eye-catching, the idea is very innovative so we managed a unique campaign for it. Everyone was happy to trying to reach the highest points of the VR game.


Sven Flebbe – KFC AmRest DE
Bianka Tóth – KFC AmRest HU

The result

New hires during roadshow
Kilometers on the way

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