Virtual events

Endless virtual environments for events and networking.

The need

The world of events, conferences and concerts changed completely from the ground up in 2020. Unfortunately, for reasons that are very well known to all, it is not or is very complicated to organize these types of events for a large number of people.

The solution and alternative in recent months have, of course, been virtual events, which, with the help of live streams from virtual studios, have been able to safely connect a vast number of people. However, virtual events lacked something fundamental, and that is the possibility of advanced interactions between users, which will keep their attention and presence at virtual events which is crucial for event organizers.

Our solution

Using our own experience in organizing offline events and developing immersive applications, combined with the experience of our partners in the field of online events and video streaming, we have prepared a unique solution to this problem.

We have developed a highly scalable application, an online multiplayer game if you want, which allows users to create their own virtual avatars based on their photos, communicate with each other in real time via video calls, play games with each other and compete to achieve the highest score. The key added value of our solution is the creation of a realistic virtual environment to achieve the maximum feeling of personal presence. Although it is still virtual.

our CTO says
about this project

We always try to add unique value to our applications that brings our clients a real solution to their problems. Our solution is so interactive, fun and immersive that visitors to virtual festivals will never want to leave!


Martin Možnar, CTO – PBRDigital / WeBoard

The result

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