Our company has begun its journey in 2010. At that time we were focused exclusively on the creation of interactive virtual tours.
As time passed, we realized that the age of true virtual reality was coming. And we wanted to be ahead of everybody else.
That's why we started PanoBoard project and became the only certified Czech manufacturer of unique cardboard VR viewers, known as Google Cardboard. And we are still the only one!
Very soon after that we came to the conclusion that without quality VR content our company advantage can be jeopardized.
So we launched a brand new division of our company which deals with VR application development and professional 360° video production.
Our company never stood in one place, and we always try to find new ways. Both in terms of technology and creativity. And especially our perception of virtual reality technology distinguishes us from others.
One of our greatest assets is the development of our own All-In-One VR platform that enables us to work more efficiently with the content we create and thus save the costs of our clients.
And that is the main reason why we have been able to build strong partnerships with the largest and most important companies on the European market.
Martin Možnar, PBRDigital Co-founder



We help our clients where classic marketing and communication tools are not enough.

Feel free to contact us with your interesting ideas. The crazier, the better.


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