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Czech Republic

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Jezkova 14

130 00 Prague

Czech Republic

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our team!

Sales Manager

Full-time job

Are you interested in new technologies and would you like to push yourself into a market that is not yet over-tempered?

We are looking for trader who is capable of working independently and fulfilling predetermined business goals, having business talent, representative performance, excellent communication and organizational skills.

A person who is responsible, reliable, careful, has a high workload and strong internal motivation.

35 000 - 55 000 CZK/month

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Event VR technician

Part-time job

Do you want to get to know the world? Working with us you can!

We are looking for VR technician who knows how the VR is working and can manage our inland and foreign events. All we need is representative performance, excellent knowledge in VR technology and organizational skills.

A person who is responsible, reliable, careful and looking for the dream job!

20 000 - 35 000 CZK/month